Your Trial

Hair and Makeup – Your Trial

Your trial will usually take place a few months before your wedding, although this is not always the case and Amanda has done trials a year before and also a week before!

When booking your trial you would have already paid a booking deposit to secure your date. Before meeting for your trial it is a good idea to gather as many images of styles/looks you like, even if it is the back of the style, the fringe of another, or even if you just like the way the eyebrows are defined.

If you have any accessories going in your hair then please have these plus any jewellery as this will help you when making final decisions. Alternatively Amanda can bring her range and you can try different styles with different accessories or even opt for a bespoke design. Please mention this when booking.

Any pictures of your dress, flowers, swatches of fabric etc will also help Amanda to get a good idea of the look you are going for. Amanda will bring her portfolio and an enormous kit of make up and hair goodies! If you have any specific bits you like then please have these to hand too.

Before starting you will have a chat about your skin care, your skin type, how to look after and prep your skin during the lead up to the day. This is vital as in order for the make up to look great the base needs to be in as good condition as possible. If you don’t already, try drinking 2L of water a day as most people’s main problem is dehydration. Just keep a 2L bottle and pour from there, a great way of knowing how much you have drank. Also will be discussed your likes, dislikes and any concerns you may have along with styles and colours.

At this stage Amanda will have some ideas and the fun can start, several styles and looks can be carried out as this is what a trial is all about. Some stylists will only do one per trial, charge less and you could find yourself needing several trials all mounting up, this will not be the case. Amanda very rarely does two trials for a bride as she will aim to cover everything under one. Once it is decided on your wedding day look, notes and photos are taken. Although Amanda doesn’t cut and colour hair herself she works alongside several salons and can forward your notes to them with advice on the cut and colour you will need for the day. This has proven to work very well and the continuity between myself and the salons will ensure that your fringe is not too short and your highlights not stripy!!

Amanda can also advise you on skincare and arrange courses of facials etc for the lead up to the big day. Manicures and pedicures can also be taken care of for you and arranged for the day before the wedding, all of this can be covered at your trial.

From here other members of the wedding party can be discussed and most importantly, timings! Amanda has worked on over 700 weddings and will allow plenty of time on the wedding morning enabling you to relax and enjoy the preparations. For larger bookings an assistant or two will be booked, this may incur an additional fee.

Finally at your trial anyone wishing to book for the wedding day must pay a 50% non returnable deposit to ensure timings on the day run to schedule. Amanda will only work on one wedding a day (unless discussed previously) so this is imperative.

Between the trial and the wedding day Amanda will be on hand to answer any questions you may have via phone, text or email.