Hair and Makeup – Bridal

Booking your hair and make-up artist in plenty of time is crucial if you want to acheive glossy hair and flawless skin. I have worked on many faces and dealt with all types of hair, using this knowledge I feel confident I can create your dream look for you wedding day

Your trial is usually conducted about 3 months before your wedding date but you can book it in as soon as you wish. You will need to allow approximately 4 hours for this.

I am an independent hair and make-up artist and do not sell make-up, if however you would like to purchase any of the products I have used then I will note them down for you to go ahead and buy. You shouldn’t need to touch up your make-up except for your lips and maybe some translucent powder or blotting sheets.

If you already have a tiara/veil then it is a good idea if you can have it with you so you can get a clearer picture of what the finished result will look like. Alternatively I can bring my collection of tiaras and hair accessories and you can try different designs with different hair styles, or even have one custom designed for you.

Every bride has a wedding folder of some description, it is a great idea to have this with you so that I can get a real feel for the type of look you are going for and see your colour scheme. Also any pictures of styles you like, even if it is just the back of the hair style or just the eyes, having something visual is far more beneficial than purely explaining what you would like as everyone interperuts things differently.

It will be a help to you later on in the trial if you are able to wear a top with a similar neckline and colour to your dress, this will give you a much better idea of what your hair and make-up will look like on the day.